Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Task 1: Let me re-introduce myself my name is...

...Matthew Fowler, I'm taking a BA (Hons) game art degree at De Montfort University.
My home town is Hemel Hempstead let’s say its near London, it’s a great place to live with lots of shops, Snow centre and Jarman park. I went to school at Townsend C of E school where I also took my A levels and also studied Russian and got a D at G.C.S.E. I was told by my school that i have dyslexia and dyscalculia but only a mild form. I found it hard with my times tables and mental maths (which I still find hard to do!) but I managed, with help to find solutions and managed to get full marks in my maths at G.C.S.E. foundation level. This proves that you can do anything if you put your mind to it (a bit cheesy?).

I play my video games a lot but I have other interests, I’m part of my local cricket team and I enjoy a number of other sports. I have a very creative mind and I enjoy art a lot and have been creating illustrations and producing pieces of art using my computer and my sketch book. Paintballing is expensive but I will go whenever I can it’s the same with going snowboarding at the Hemel Snow Centre. I go to the cinema with my friends on Tuesdays or Thursdays as is cheap tickets night. I like music going to gigs and festivals. My ears can take most genres too be honest but dubstep, rock, rap drum and bass are my favourite genres, I have been to The Wireless Festival, The Warriors Dance Festival and to see Coldplay and Jay Z at Wembley.

After visiting over 8 different university’s that offered Games art or Game design courses, I chose to study game art at De Montfort University due to the fact that it is more art based than other courses. Someone I knew came here last year to study and the person is enjoying their studies and the night life.

I want to learn and become familiar with 3Ds Max and also progress my drawing skills in the first year of my course. I want to graduate from De Montfort University with a good degree and an amazing portfolio so that I can get my dream job in the future.


My dream Job would be working for Rockstar North as an environment artist. As I like what the company is producing. I would be designing, building and texturing the world, I must have the technical knowledge to achieve great looking results and the skill to get the most from next-gen consoles. Advanced skills in one or more of the standard industry 3D packages essential. Knowledge of 3DS Max an advantage.


My blog will show weekly tasks that I need to complete and post, current work, thoughts and my opinions. The title of my blog "Long Night of Solace" is the name of a level in Halo Reach. The level is about the sacrifice that a Spartan has made to help his planet. The level Long Night of Solace has space combat which is a new element to the game. The space battle above Reach is the first and only space combat level played in the halo franchise. Also the Long Night of Solace is the Covenant super carrier-class vessel that led the advance assault on the planet Reach before the Fall of Reach.