Monday, 23 April 2012

Task 24: Personal review of the second year: Where do you want to go, and how do

In life you get out what you put in normally and this is said about education a lot and I agree 100% for me it’s just having the motivation and drive to put in 100%.

Universities are places of higher education and research which gives academic degrees. Universities are places of academic freedom this is where you are allowed to have ideas and communicate them without oppression or persecution. The University of Bologna is thought to be one of the oldest university’s around and was found in 1088. The latin word universitas means a number of person associated into one body, society, company, community, guild, corporation, etc. Medieval guilds of students and teachers would have legal rights usually given by charters i.e. prince’s prelates or the towns in which situated. The guilds where then self-regulated and qualifications were given out to members.
University’s like Bologna started out as law schools and started of universities.  In Europe universities had gained in popularity and were beginning to show differences. Northern university’s focused on arts and theology whilst southern university’s concentrated on law and medicine. Bachelor’s degrees were commonly handed out to northern universities except some degrees of theology. Doctorates were given to the southern universities.
From my three years of university I expect to have gained a degree that I can be proud of and I will have learnt enough, be skilled enough to perform well at a possible job prospect. I want to get my dream job and be successful at it. I can only get there through hard work and determination. Not only do I want to get a job but I want to have furthered myself and learnt more about myself. As I believe university nowadays is a whole experience.
University is an option or choice you do not have to study at one. You are not forced to turn up to tutorials or lectures it is your choice. If you do not turn up you are wasting your time the tutor’s time and your money. The more you turn up the more you pay attention and the harder you work the better your end result will be. Being in university learning is crucial but reflection is also very important as it teaches you to become more self-aware and intern more efficient the second time around.
So far from my two years of being at university I have learnt a lot. I have gained and improved my art skills and techniques. I have also learnt new software packages and created assets that I am proud of. I am now getting better at scheduling and timetabling i.e. becoming more professional. Joining societies I have learnt more about myself as I have become more of an extrovert which will help me in interviews and makes me more employable. Dealing with living away from home sorting out bills/ payments and having more responsibility’s is also furthering me in my studies as I am becoming more away about how important my education is.

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